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What is a Level 3 Building & Structural Survey?

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to checking your property.

 This is the most comprehensive building survey that we offer. You should choose a full structural survey if the building is:-

  • old (i.e. was built before 1850)
  • in an obvious state of neglect or disrepair (i.e. you can see defects with the naked eye, or if you suspect that there might be defects)
  • of an unusual construction or design (e.g. a thatched roof or timber framed)
  • listed

We conduct a systematic inspection of the property from top to bottom, spending many hours on site making sure that every aspect of the building is thoroughly inspected as far as possible.

We’ll look at every feature of the property, from the type of construction materials, the condition of the roof, the integrity of the walls and chimney breasts. We also test every property for damp even if there are no obvious signs. At the end you’ll get a detailed report on the property, including photos.

Our report will describe the condition of each element of the property, identifying any defects, their apparent cause, the urgency of any repair, the maintenance options and an indication of the cost of repairs. If the building is old, we’ll also tell you whether the appropriate building materials have been used in the original construction and in any repairs or renovations. When buying older properties neglecting to carry out a detailed survey may mean that you could damage a building further by applying modern methods of construction, causing irreparable damage. This could result in potentially huge repair bills. By asking Donald Leslie, an independent RICS qualified and trained chartered surveyor, to carry out a structural survey we work for you, and not the lender. It will be our responsibility to find any major problems with the property and give you impartial advice. The worst-case scenario is that you decide not to go ahead with the purchase. Or you will have all the information you need to go back to the vendor and renegotiate the price.

We have a range of different residential property surveys available. If you’re not sure which type is suitable for your circumstances, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through the options with you.

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