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Donald Leslie & Co: Your trusted partner when buying a property

The property market has its ups and downs and sometimes you can feel pressurised into making quick decisions that you subsequently have to live with for several years, if not the rest of your life.

With such a significant purchase decision as buying a house, the smallest mistake can cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Some problems with a property may be obvious on the first viewing. But if you’re at the stage of making an offer and securing a mortgage, then its time to bring in the experts to make sure you’re fully informed.

Depending on the style and age of the property, at the very least you will need a RICS Homebuyers report. For older or quirkier properties then we recommend that you get a full Structural Survey.

Because we are wholly independent, we work for you, and only you. We are not tied to any lenders, brokers or estate agents.

What does this give you? Peace of mind! With our help you can enter into any property transaction with your eyes open, secure in the knowledge that we’ll have given you our honest opinion about the property, any defects and in some cases the likely cost of any repairs. We’ll have told you the good points too, so there’ll be no nasty surprises further down the line.

Remember, you don’t have to use the surveyor recommended by your lender, as it could end up costing you more. We suggest shopping around for an independent, local RICS registered chartered surveyor, take a look at a sample survey, and find the right one for you.

We have a range of different residential property surveys and valuations available. If you’re not sure which type is suitable for your circumstances, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through the options with you.

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