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When you need an independent party to help in property disputes

When it comes to small claims, matrimonial or probate disputes involving property, then it benefits everyone to have just one expert to give independent, impartial and transparent advice.

If you are dealing with a disagreement over a property valuation, or your negotiations have reached an impasse, then you should instruct Donald Leslie & Co to act as a Single Joint Expert. Also, if you are in dispute over a boundary claim or defective building work, then you will need the services of an independent property expert.

The appointment of a Single Joint Expert (SJE) is agreed by all parties involved in the dispute and it saves the time, cost and hassle of everyone appointing their own expert. The role of the SJE is to assist the court by providing impartial evidence in their area of expertise (in this case property valuations), but not to determine the facts of any legal case.

Donald Leslie has 25 years’ experience of the property markets in the Chilterns area. He is also Bond Solon trained, which means he is a qualified expert court witness. A cv can be provided for all parties to review, please call us to request a copy.

Donald’s role as an SJE is to prepare reports for both claimants and defendants and attend court to give evidence as and when necessary. He is also happy to provide litigation support to firms of solicitors specialising in this field.

When it comes to property valuation disputes, there are no shortcuts. Expert advice should not be sought on price alone. The right property expert can make the difference between success or failure of a claim.

We provide valuations for Shared Ownership or Shared Equity Properties, and RICS Market Valuations. If you’re not sure which type is suitable for your circumstances, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through the options with you.

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